Cocktail is a form of art, one of the greatest expressions of human creativity applied to the world of spirits, liquors and juices. Drinking cocktails is a pleasure that must be sipped slowly to savour every nuance, suggestions & flavours of spirits & liquors that combine to create ethereal symphonies.

We at KSE teach you the art of cocktail making through the cocktail session that we conduct. A cocktail session is where the tricks, artistries and techniques of creating the cocktails making in a professional way are taught. KSE cocktail session introduces the students to  the different bar equipments that are used. Students  learns the name and use  of each equipments and glass ware. They are shown how to setup a bar counter by professionally arranging the bar stations.

Recipes and description of making different types of cocktails are taught. Modern day methods of cocktail mixing are shown. At the end tasting session happens where the exact and proper balance of taste and flavour of each cocktail is experienced by the students.

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